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The new year now invites many of you once again to start your resolutions for health directly with a workout that promises a lot. Are you now setting everything in motion? This might mean "full commitment" and "full throttle" for you... YES? Is that the case for you?

YES, then pay attention, because it definitely SHOULD NOT be that way.

Ask an expert and benefit from it

Many of you start with training without knowlege of your body (how does it work and why) WHAT is very importan‼️ And in my world most important.

People beginning with training for many reasons as lost body weight, better body shape, better condition as physical and psychical, people start with diet and don´t even know what does it mean nutrition, what body need before and after training, what is muscular system and ATP (adenosine triphosphate) what is GLYCOLYSIS process….

What is muscle fibers type one and type two? And why is it important to know about them?

People following internet influencers ,spammers people without related education….types like don´t eat carbohydrates don´t eat sugar and glucose don´t eat fat and don´t use seed oils, but protein, creatine and vitamins are good… like KETO,PALEO,CARNIVORE?…but why? Is it really so bad or just people on TIKTOK or INSTA, FACEBOOK says and they have milions followers so you follow them too…… and now problems starts as hiden body damaged in age...

Day after day i Get questions which become my routine to answer.


so before i start just one advice for you all… Strategies should include:

  • An effort to improve health and nutrition literacy among all people. All people need a better understanding of the impact of nutrition on good health. This educational process should start with young people. Professionals in nutrition, marketing, and medicine should be more aware of the connection between western eating styles and chronic diseases in order to able to reduce their risk.

  • people should read books from real people with Phd, Dr,and me. Searching meta analyses, research because all is in numbers as our body. HEALTHY LIFESTYLE the meaning is in 80% nutrition and 20% Training. Knowledge how our body and metabolism working. For more informations do not hesitate to contact 📞


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