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That´s me! Nutrition consultant and massage therapist from the bottom of my heart

My name is Eduard Lindvai ❤️

My journey started in high school around 25 years ago when I began studying at the School of Agriculture and Food Production, specializing in meat and meat products. Food became my number ONE priority, and I found myself asking numerous questions—why is it bad to eat this?

Why is it good to eat that? What does amino acid, gluten, and vitamins mean?

​After graduation, I felt the need for more knowledge, so I enrolled in culinary school.

Again, more questions arose—why does obesity exist? What is a diet? What kind of diet is healthy?

So, my journey continued in the kitchen. I thought I had learned everything, but then I realized I needed more in-depth education, which led me to the Institute of Experimental Nutrition and Epigenetics as a Nutrition Specialist.

While there, I focused on health, health, health. Simultaneously, I was actively involved in training at a boxing club during my free time, bringing another revelation—why are people sick, and why is food not completely aligned with health? The answer became clear:


When we stop moving, we start to decline.

To address this, I began my education at the sports academy as a Personal Fitness Trainer, reaching level 3. I finally had all the answers about what a healthy lifestyle means.

However, there was always a "but." It wasn't the end; the body is like a temple, needing relaxation and regeneration. What is the best way to relax? Massage. That was my last diploma—Massage Therapist.

Now, I want to share all my experiences and education with you, to show you and tell you how living a healthy, happy lifestyle works.


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