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Clarifying Your Goals and Intentions

We focus on understanding your "why" and "how" and begin with a personal initial consultation and anamnesis to clarify your goals and intentions.

Personal Initial Consultation:

We kick things off with a personal conversation, either via video call or phone. This discussion is all about getting to know you and your individual needs and goals. We listen attentively and encourage you to share your motivations and expectations.

Exploring the Why and How:

Together, we delve into your "why" and "how." Why have you decided to eat healthier, get in better shape, or improve your well-being? What life aspirations do you aim to achieve through your health goals? Answering these questions helps us establish a clear focus for your journey.

Personal Anamnesis:

Our anamnesis involves a thorough assessment of your current health and lifestyle. We collect information about your diet, exercise, habits, and any existing health concerns.

Benefits of the Online Initial Consultation

Clarity and Motivation:

By understanding your "why" and "how," we create clarity and motivation for your health journey. This is the foundation for sustainable change.

Individualized Planning:

Through the personal anamnesis, we gain insights that allow us to develop a customized health and fitness plan tailored precisely to your needs.

Better Results:

With clear goals and a tailored plan, you're more likely to achieve your health goals and effect long-term changes in your life.

Our online initial consultation is the launchpad for your journey toward a healthier lifestyle. We're here to support you, motivate you, and ensure you're on the right track to achieve your goals and intentions. Let's start this journey together!



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Stavanger / Rogaland


14 Days - Training Plan 4900,00 NOK / 14 Days Nutrition Plan 3900,00 NOK / 14 Days - Training + Nutrition Plan 7800,00 NOK

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