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Balance: On stable SUP boards, you'll quickly find your equilibrium.


A unique combination of yoga with the elements of water and air.

Yoga on a Stand Up Paddling Board (SUP Board) is the perfect combination. Not only experienced yogis or water sports enthusiasts, but also beginners and the curious can quickly and safely find themselves on the stable board. SUP Yoga engages multiple muscle groups in the body and exercises the entire body with low joint impact.

Additionally, SUP Yoga provides relaxation and fun at the same time, promotes balance and concentration, and improves flexibility and coordination.

The meditative character inherent in yoga is experienced even more intensely in nature. On the stable board, you can truly immerse yourself in your ocean time in the sheltered Pötenitzer Wiek. Feel the power of the unique nature and find your balance - in harmony with nature and yourself.

As this is an outdoor sports offering, we are subject to the dictates of nature: in case of continuous rain, thunderstorms, or strong winds, a session will not take place.

Enjoy your time on the water.

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